About Me

Working behind the scenes

Been awhile since I posted. Working with a talented artist who paints. She’s going to work on the book cover for The GCP. I do plan on speaking in schools and uplifting the youth and many people so stay tune […]

Black Christian Influencer

Download the app BCI where there influencers in every career path making a difference in this world. I’m proud to be mentioned in this app!

Self Love PSA

focus on self love, the present, and your purpose! Follow me on Instagram @frantzwrite and on Facebook. Check out my Instagram and Facebook page for the video.

Big news on my manuscript!

As promised I got good news to tell you all. I just got an email on my acceptance to my manuscript. It’s been such a journey, I stared in 2012 with this book and finally finished on the 20th of […]

Frantz Charles

Frantz Petit Charles was born in Whiteplains, New York on the third of January in 1996, the second son of Celiter and Marie-Lourdes Charles. Born into a family of six consisting of three boys, including himself and three girls. Frantz […]