The Bargain Poem

Try to help me understand what I lost

Tell me what bargain I made to get this deep.

What was it that I lost?

Try to help me understand what I lost

Was it love? No it couldn’t have

Nah I saw the devil in you

I was a prisoner and enjoyed my stay

Had the keys to escape but looked back when saved.

Been institutionalized and think back on the bargain and what I thought was gold.

If I could give you a hug then kill you for love & pain maybe it would make sense.

Love you for you

But hated your actions.

Throw you this heart to catch your attention then shoot you dead.

Then leave to where it shines and see what salvation gives me.

Where I’m healed and set free

Where there’s no bargain

But a price already paid

Hey new love, where have you been?

By Frantz Charles

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