What my Debut Novel is about!! The GCP

In a time where God is absent and Heaven is vacant of every soul and Angel. Outside forces invade Earth and the GCP meaning God’s chosen People is the last hope for Earth’s survival. The GCP is a secret international organization where humans and Guardians work together to defend the most powerful items and weapons in the universes. They are protecting these items against the gods who are from another universe on a planet called “Genesis”. These gods seek to collect all the items to save their kind from extinction. A powerful goddess name Vera plans to revive her father Ominous and every god that’s been put to sleep, when she does this it leads to the end of humanity.

This story is told from three different perspectives. Angela Lopez, a 17 year old girl with a motive to exact revenge on the gods who put an end to her mother’s life. Cade Walker, a 16 year old who commits to protecting his pregnant lover Alice who holds the an important piece the gods need for their survival. Then there’s Colvin Walker, a cold hearted captain of this organization who only cares for his younger half brother Cade and Earth. War is on the verge of commencing as the gods bring their home planet to Earth and humanity survival hangs in the balance as Colvin fights to save Earth against multiple armies of gods. Cade must decide to bury the love he has for Alice to become the person who was called to be and have the strength needed to save humanity or continue to be in love with the only person he holds dear to. Angela must overcome her depression and her hatred towards the gods and become the bridge of peace between the two universes to end this never ending cycle of hate and war.

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