The Last Hope Chapter 4- Noah

Darkness was what I saw for hours and the sounds of people crying filled the air as I was confined to a small cage.

Sitting on the cold metal ground I wrapped my arms around my knees and squeezed my eyes shut as tears ran down my eyes. Not wanting anyone to hear me cry or talk I thought to myself: How could I let those kids die? Why didn’t I save Don? What am I if I can’t save no one?

The faces of the kids I protected, their parents, the security guards I grew up with, my best friend and my family were all dead. “I don’t know what to do.” Thinking of what happened and what was to come I kept repeating the same thing. I didn’t know if I was talking to myself or God. “I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know what to do.” The more I kept saying it and thinking back on the people I loss and what I went through I cried more and couldn’t help but cry out loud. “I really don’t know what to do. Don’t know if I can keep going on like this… just kill me.”

The thought of killing myself came to mind after saying that and I quickly pushed the image of me killing myself away. I knew that wasn’t what Don would’ve wanted. Wiping the tears away I came back to my senses focused on the now. Getting up I held tightly onto the bars and concentrated on my surroundings. I knew I was in a hovercraft and was being sent to any of the states in the North. Despite the vampires treaty to stay in the North they would occasionally go over borders and kidnap people to feed the growing population of the vampires.

A Green light flashed above us and I saw multiple people. Some looked healthy like they were kidnapped from their safe haven like myself and others were dirty and starving. The air conditioners above us turned on. A door leading to the pilot room opened to a vampire wearing a red suit and black shades. His black gelled hair and red eyes that shone through his shades told me he was an original. The originals were vampires that weren’t bitten for the purpose of war but born as one. Originals had the higher authority and had more coin than the second class vampires who were weaker and had shiny blue eyes. The originals come out mostly in the morning because they are able to and that’s when the Infected try to eat the human slaves. The second class vampires or also known as the Seconds came out at night and when it was dark. They won’t die in the sun it’ll just weaken them.

Seeing the Original walk down the hall where we all stood in our cages like animals he smiled. “My name is Alexander and we will be landing soon. You lot will be auctioned to the highest bidder but as you all know we can’t sell you in the conditions you are in currently. We’ll prepare you then you’ll be sold. Once we land you are not permitted to talk, look around, ask questions or resist. You are to follow directions and do what you are told.” The vampire looked each of us in our eyes. “You are no longer in the south where you survive to live another day. You will be fed and sold as slaves. It’s better that way. If you try to revolt or escape you will die, you will fail, you will not win.”

The hovercraft shook as it landed and the doors to our cages swung open. Alexander had his hands behind his back. “I expect you all to be on your best behavior.” He turned to the exit door as it opened. “Single file line now.”

We all looked amongst each other and walked out of cages in unison. Some of the survivors limped their way to the door and some wounds were fresh. The older ones walked perfectly fine. They must’ve given up without a fight. Don’t blame them fighting an original is imminent death.

Walking to the doors one of the survivors who was large in stature glanced at me and reverted his eyes back to me and came to a complete stop causing others to bump into him. He nudged others near him and kept his attention on me. “Oh my goodness it’s you.”

Another survivor pointed at me. “We’re saved it’s Noah!”

Alexander quickly turned to my attention and walked towards my direction. “The others told me but I didn’t know you were thee-”

The big survivor slapped Alexander across the face causing his shades to fly across the hovercraft. He pointed at the vampire. “Shut up okay!”

“No don’t do that.” I shook my head disagreeing on his actions and quickly look down continuing to walk out the aircraft. “Don’t know what you’re talking about.”

 “You fool you just called for your death.” Alexander grabbed the survivor’s throat and lifted him into the air. His eyes shone and he revealed his sharp teeth. “Know your place slave.” He snapped the survivor’s neck with a quick turn of his wrist. Dropping the body to the ground he looked at the other human who exposed my identity. “You come here!”

I couldn’t help but watch as Alexander scratched the face of the other survivor leaving a big gash across his face.

Seeing both survivors fall to the ground I left the aircraft and stepped on a grassy field. Up ahead was a facility where they kept imported humans from around the country. We were greeted by a group of vampires that held onto guns that shoot electric bolts and electric whips that could reach hundreds of yards.

“You there stop walking!” The voice came from behind.

Not moving an inch I turn my head back. “Yes sir,” Seeing Alexander approach me I took a few steps back. “Wait hold on.”

He held onto my shoulders and opened his mouth showing his fangs again. Pushing his chest was like pushing a brick wall, it wasn’t moving. He moved in as I continued to fight back. “No wait please.”

Falling to the ground as he threw his weight onto me he bit my neck. The four sharp fangs punctured my neck and the pain only lasts for two seconds. They sensation of getting bit by a vampire is like no other. That the feeling has the victim in a state where it’s enjoyable. Addicts hope to get bitten, the venom is more powerful than cocaine. I heard of humans killing vampires just for the venom they inject themselves. Others sell it calling it the “LifeSaver”. My vision wasn’t blurry nor was I dizzy. I was normal gained strength. Pushing the vampire off of me I crawled away from him as other vampires held Alexander back.

Alexander got up and looked at his peers. “I had to if he was the one. He’s strong but not the Noah we’re looking for.”

One of the vampires who was a Second was shocked at my current state. His blue eyes scanned me looking at my vitals. “He’s completely normal unbothered by the venom.”

“If he was what Titus was looking for I would be dead.” Alexander turned to the Second. “Get the food ready for the auction.” He looked at me licking blood off his mouth. “You’re trouble one. You won’t be worth much.” He turned around and walked behind the group of survivors. “Get up and move slave.”

Following his orders I got up and touched my neck as I walked behind him. Feeling a thick liquid oozing out my neck I knew it wasn’t my neck but the venom my body rejected. Entering the facility the shiny metal doors slid open. We walked through a hallway that spray sanitizer which cleared us of any internal and external diseases except the virus that turned you into an infected. In 3050 all diseases were gone. There was no such thing of a sick human only an injured one. Passing through the sanitizer sprayers another door opened to large oval. I looked up to multiple cells that held human prisoners. On the ground level was the cafeteria where everyone would eat. 

“Keep it moving!” One of the guards in an all black combat gear pointed his electric gun at us. “Head straight for registration then eat and head to your cells. The big day is tomorrow and we need you all in good condition.”

Walking pass the slaves they all looked at us, the newcomers. The prisoners had on different colored jumpsuits. Some were green and others were yellow with a letter imprint on the back of their clothing. Trying to get a sense of what facility and state I was I couldn’t identify. There was no pictures, flags, or any clue to give me an idea of where I was.

Passing everyone who were sitting on benches eating their food which didn’t look bad. I looked at their eyes and saw defeat. I entered a room where vampires where taking samples of our.

Looking over to the guy next to me who was african american and in his late fifties I saw anger in his eyes. “Excuse me sir, do you know what their going to do with us?”

“Coding us…” He kept his eyes straight at the vampires sticking needles and collecting a small portion of blood from the prisoners. “These blood suckas are going to see how healthy you are, your blood type, and then test your physical strength, stamina, your IQ, everything to get a taste of how valuable you are.” 

“How can they test these things?”

“All they need is your blood and within a few minutes they know all about you.” He shook his head. “Man these vampiras man…   it ain’t ova. My people went through this slavery stuff thousands of years ago. Aint going through with this crap.These gon kill a brotha before they hear me say masta.”

“I hear you.”

Looking down he squint his eyes. “Man no you don’t.” He walked forward as people were handed different colored jumpsuits. “Listen up if you in top shape you’ll have a green jumpsuit with a white print of your blood type on your back. You okay or decent you’ll have yellow jumpsuit and if it’s bad then you get red.”

Thinking of what happened earlier with getting bitten by Alexander and what Don told me I was afraid of getting a red jumpsuit or possibly green. “What happens if you get red or green?”

“You get green you gettin’ sold today brotha.” He shrugged his shoulder. “You red,” he looked down at me. “You stayin’ here till you top condition. Othas try stayin’ hea cause the food good. But if there’s no gettin’ you better they skin you alive and take all of your blood and use yo organs as bait for the infected. The tendons and muscles as food and a chew toy for baby vampires to strengthen their teeth.”

“Next!” A female vampire with blue eyes eyed me. She wore a red dress shirt with a name tag on her right breast. Her name was Victoria.  “Come on immortality doesn’t mean I have patience.”

Walking up to the counter a plastic window blocked us from touching each other. I sat down looking at the black hole on the counter top. A camera on top of the plastic camera looked at me.

“Look up so we can register you to the system and place your hand on top of the black hole and don’t move.”

Following her instructions, I did just that and immediately something sharp stuck into the middle of my palm sucking in my blood. Victoria began typing on her computer accessing all of my information. She switched her eyes between the computer and me. 

“Noah you are registered in London’s system. You’re a runaway huh, you’ll be hard to sell but you have the highest score on all test on this planet with O+ blood.” She looked back. “Put this one on first round for the auction today.”

Hands from behind picked me up from my chair and pushed me forward towards the exit door which must lead to where the auction is taking place. Walking pass everyone who had their eyes on me I looked straight. The guards rushed me outside and placed me into one of their cars. Inside the vehicle was completely dark. I sat in between the guards and sped off to where the auction took place. The windows were tinted black, to the human eyes you couldn’t drive it was completely black.

I could hear crowds of vampires cheering and a vampire talking on a mic. The car pulled to a stop and the doors opened. To vampires pointing to a large stadium. Hundreds of levitating cars were parked mid air. The guards held on to my hands and ran to where the auction took place. Trying to match their speed as they ran I past through groups of humans wearing green jumpsuits and vampires. Some vampires were happy and others were talking amongst themselves.

“A vampire with a mic on his ear look at the guards holding on to me. “The show is starting now quickly get him up there.”

“Go and place your hand on the black pad and don’t say a word.”

Not saying a word I ran into the field where humans stood side by side placing their hand on  a place pad that stood by their waist. Above the humans was a hologram revealing their blood type, height, weight, IQ, speed and strength. I ran onto the field and placed my hand on the pad and a hologram picture of myself appeared.

An announcer standing on a stage behind us in a sparkling blue suit and a horrible tan smiled and waved his hand at everyone. “Alright our first round auction begins now. Please use your tablets and place your bids now you have five seconds.” He began laughing as multiple screens began recording him. “Now ladies and gentlemen please use our app on your phone if you are home and watching from your television set and place your bids. If you have the highest price we will save your purchase for 72 hours at our accommodation facility at Madison Square Garden!”

A large cheer erupted as every vampire began cheering with some of their slaves standing with leashes around their necks.

“I’m your lovely host and announcer Berry and I will be conducting this year’s slave auction!” He clapped for himself as he held onto his microphone. “Okay let us Begin!”

I looked around at the thousands of vampires staring at me as they looked up at my attributes. “Man this is bad.”

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