Month: December 2019

Black Christian Influencer

Download the app BCI where there influencers in every career path making a difference in this world. I’m proud to be mentioned in this app!

The Bargain Poem

Try to help me understand what I lost Tell me what bargain I made to get this deep. What was it that I lost? Try to help me understand what I lost Was it love? No it couldn’t have Nah […]

What my Debut Novel is about!! The GCP

In a time where God is absent and Heaven is vacant of every soul and Angel. Outside forces invade Earth and the GCP meaning God’s chosen People is the last hope for Earth’s survival. The GCP is a secret international […]

Moving Forward

Since I have a contract with a publisher I’m currently just doing one last read of “The GCP: The First Resurrection”. This novel is going to be like no other I promise. I originally started this story in 2012 and […]