Last Hope Chapter 3- Ava

When you’re infected you don’t remember the first person you ate. It’s like being born you don’t remember coming out of the womb or your mother’s cry of joy. But I do, I remember the day I turned. 

News about a cure to cancer spread around fifty years ago. I was sixteen in stage four in my cancer. I went through chemotherapy which didn’t help. It was hopeless, my cancer cells wouldn’t die, it continued to spread rapidly and on top of that I was bald. When the cure for cancer for all patients was announced my family rushed to receive the cure for me. When I got injected with the cure it stopped the cancerous cells from spreading.

 A man named Octavian who was around his late thirties, Amelia who was ten and myself were the first ones to receive the cure. While at our stay at the treatment center we became close, more like a second family. A few weeks after the cure Amelia died then a few hours later Octavian met his end. I died the day after. After death there was no light, no place where your in eternal peace, no place where you’re in complete darkness.

 After being dead the first thing that awakened me was my sense of hearing. I heard everyone’s voice from the crying to the singing to side conversations mostly saying my death was inevitable. Then my sense of smell kicked in. I could smell the hot breath of coffee, hair, the soap that scented their skin. Then my sight worked. I found my myself confined inside a box. My ability to move activated. I clenched my fist to feel the blood rushing through my palm. I rose from the coffin and everyone was horrified. 

My mom was the only one to run and hug me. I smelled the irony scent of her blood flowing through her veins. Looking down at her neck I took a huge chunk of it. Tasting the blood and muscles of my mother activated another side of me. Hunger took over and that’s when the carnage began. I ended up eating my brothers and my relatives. After taking a bite out of everyone in the church the police arrived and opened fire. They were all dead in a matter of minutes. Shooting me in the head didn’t work. My body took full control I was a newborn infected at the time. Octavian and Amelia walked in on me while I ate the remaining of the bodies. They were different, the color of their hair were the color of platinum and their eyes were yellow. I too found myself having those traits once I looked into the mirror and overtime we stopped aging. So the rest is history there were other infected patients, we all had the same appearance. But Octavian, Amelia, and myself found ourselves getting stronger than every infectee in North America. We later became a royal family and every infectee were under us. My new dad Octavian became leader of the infected and Amelia and I were next in authority.

Looking in the mirror as Ameila combed my hair I observed the white threads of my wedding dress. Every thread of the wedding dress was connected to another piece of fabric. Each piece is just an ordinary white part to the dress. You take a step back you see together the ordinary pieces created a beautiful dress, uniquely designed to make the owner cry and proud of her work. Just like the ordinary piece of thread on a dress that’s overlooked, so is one infected. But an army of infectees that’s a sight to marvel upon. 

One of the infectees barged into the room where my hair was being fixed by my little sister. “Miss Ava,” He bowed his head and kneeled. “Octavian is dead.”

Those words shot me back to reality. I look down at the kneeling infectee. “That’s impossible… who could’ve done it?”

“Titus, King of the Vampires. He called for his son to kill your father. He failed, so he did it himself.”

“Titus has never found a reason to fight our kind and now he does. I don’t get it. I could read anyone and Titus wasn’t the one to disrupt the truce he created. The whole reason America is split into two, the north for the Vampires and the south for us was his idea.”

“Infectees close to your father said that Noah was located in a safe haven forty miles from here. The vampires must’ve gotten the news and wanted to find Noah before we did.”

“Whose Noah?” I got up to face this infected as Amelia backed away having no interest in these things.

“Well we got word from our friends in London a few weeks ago. They’ve captured Ezkiel and got info on Noah’s location. They say it’s his blood.”

“What about it?”

“It kills vampires which makes him a threat.”

“So he can kill others with his blood. My father didn’t need to go after a human if he wanted to kill the vampires.”

“His blood kills vampires and cures the infected. All it takes is a just a drip of his blood into our system and we turn.”

At those words I was shocked looking out the window to millions of infecteds who couldn’t speak only eat at my voice. I turned back at the infected. “He is what Ezkiel talked about. What every human talk about… Project Hope… humanity’s last hope to modern civilization. I don’t much about my past before turning but I don’t want to be food or at the bottom of the food chain.”

 “The vampires don’t know of Noah’s appearance from the intel we received from the infected up north. They only know his name. They plan to use his blood and cure every infected and live a world with vampires and humans only.”

“Titus and his legion of vampires aren’t prospering like they did fifty years ago before the war.” Leaning against the window I folded my hands. “I know their sick of synthetic blood and I’m betting the vampires of the high table wants Noah so that every vampire around the world can live peacefully. It’ll be a dream come true to them.” 

“Ezekiel is leader of T.H.R in London-

“The Human Resistance. The biggest human resistance known in the world. He’ll plan his escape and find his brother. He must’ve gotten alerted about the attack in Texas safe haven. Right now Noah is most likely alive being sent up north.”

The infected walked up to me and handed me a picture of two humans smiling together. “The one with short brown hair is Noah.”

I flipped the picture around seeing two names. Don castillo and Noah Casterman. “Good then we head north.”

Getting up I looked at the infectee. “Spread the word, Ava leads the army of the Dead. All will meet in the forefront of the main battle every infected in the south and those lingering in the north will gather to overthrow the vampires and I’ll personally kill Titus and Noah. You can leave.”

Seeing him leave I removed the wedding dress I wore to my combat suite. All black armor made of leather. My vest held pockets of knives and synthetic blood mixed with poison and my acid from my lungs to kill anyone. The synthetic blood I created was inside my blades. All I had to do was press the top of my knife and the fake blood ran out the inside of my weapon into the body where I stabbed or cut a vampire and they explode once the blood is inside.

Amelia handed me my coat and my face wrap that only enabled people to just see my eyes and my forehead. “Ava be careful out there. I’ll stay here and watch over.”

I nodded and walked out to the room and the infected leader of India who prepared his vows of marriage stood in shock in his suit for me. “Where are you going?”

“The deal is off. Octavian dead means the deal you had with my father is over. I’m fine with ruling half a country. My father’s ambition was what got him killed. I’m heading out to war and your more than welcome to join or head back home.”

“You’re suppose to get married to me. To unify our alliance and become stronger together.” Rage took over and he walked close to me. “Our deal-”

“We both know I’m the strongest. There is no infected like me. Big or small, skinny or fat, strong or weak I stand at the top.” Invading his personal space I smelled fear. “I now rule. I stand here I rule America. I stand in foreign land I rule there as well. Your warcry will reach miles mine spans over a continent.” My enlarged my eyes and looked at his infected and their eyes shone yellow and the immediately rushed in and they began to eat their leader.

Standing still without a single body touching me I looked down as India’s infected leader roared out trying to command his legion to stop.

Walking off millions of Infectees followed behind me as I headed out the church. Looking back as the Infected leader who was no more I looked at everyone else. “We head to Pennsylvania, the entryway to the Vampires post. Along the way we gather more infectees and we’ll take out every vampire base. Titus hides behind a throne in New York. We’ll meet him there and kill him!”

A roar erupted from all of the infected and we began running up north.

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