Big news and what I’m up to.

My debut novel “The GCP: The first Resurrection” is set to be published very soon! I talked with a couple people and linked with an agency and publishing house. I’m currently writing the prequel which is called The GCP: Genesis. I’m going to posting more chapters for the last hope and The GCP: Genesis and blog more on my life. Life’s been good and moving fast since I got out a toxic relationship, quit my job, and got closer to God. I’m also going to publish more on cooking. Only thing that bothers my schedule is school which is boring. I honestly still don’t know what I want to do with my English degree but I’m going to school for my mom. All I know is to focus on God and write because that’s my purpose and where my passion lies. So the semester is almost over I plan to put out a trailer and I’m also featured on the app BCI more details on this news later.

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