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Okay so where do I start? Recently quit my job at Red Lobster. I started out there serving for a week then hosted and was a busier by choice. I loved the idea of leading and when the opportunity came I seized the moment. I started managing for the company for some time and last week or two weeks ago I quit. I felt stagnant and felt like I outgrew the job. I took a week off to focus on me and for spiritual growth and it was then when my boss couldn’t understand and miscommunication led to disagreement over the phone. At that point I was too tired and just decided to quit and to not prove myself to a man who I shown I was capable Of doing so much and knowing my worth. Right now I have another income that isn’t so demanding and one managing job. I’m utilizing this time now to publish as much stories as possible before starting my managing job. One of the reasons I felt dead inside was because I wasn’t doing what I loved and that’s writing. I could barely post chapters or blog to you all. But I quit and didn’t really tell my coworkers just my boss. Didn’t feel a need to and only focused on me. But since I currently got free time on my hands I hope to get my debut novel The GCP: A New Beginning off to get traditional published. Listen people if I can do that then I won’t need to worry about managing at a restaurant because it’s too demanding. My plan is to keep writing for you all and get sign so I can focus on what I love doing while continuing my education at William Paterson.

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    I support you cousin happiness is way more important even if it means to make sacrifices and leave people who don’t understand behind, it’s that they understand you and stay by your side through all the way or they just leave and let you do you. PERIOD

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