The GCP: Genesis Chapter 2- Gage

Chapter 2


“That was three years ago. It feels like 3 days.”

My psychiatrist who wore a blue dress shirt tucked into her black skirt watched my facial expression. “How do you feel now?”

“Beyond upset, angry. I’m livid.” Digging into my black leather jacket I pulled out a cigarette and reached into my jeans for my lighter.

“You’re only fifteen your mother wouldn’t-”

“New York isn’t my mother.” Glaring up at her as I lit my cigarette. “She’s just a caretaker.”

“Well tell me about New York. How does Elizabeth Proctor become your caretaker. The Walker family and the Proctor family has been at war for hundreds of years. Your family and hers were one of the first to be chosen to be inducted into the GCP. Anyone with the last name Proctor or Walker are known to be powerful and resilient.”

Taking a pull from my cigarette and exhaling through my nose I looked down at the red couch I was sitting on and saw my bottle of Ice Tea which was actually liquor. I reached over and began to drink ignoring the nasty taste and longing for the pairment that would consume my body. Drowning the liquor down my throat until the bottle was empty I turned my sight to my psychiatrist, Ms.Wellington. “We had one thing in common that’s what brought us together.”

“And what was that?” She straighten herself focusing on the next words that would be coming from my mouth.

Moving back and forth I realized I was dizzy, the liquor was in my system and taking into effect of my vision.

The psychiatrist who was apart of the GCP closed her notebook what happened after the invasion?

Looking down while I covered my eyes I thought back on that day. The day my brother died and was taken into the GCP headquarters in America.

Everything was cold and dim. Pushing my hands up to the lightbulb that emitted a dim light I looked up at my blood stained hands. Looking at the red stains, looking deep into the lines of my hands I my other half, I saw my better half, I saw Lincoln who died in my arms only a few hours ago. Clenching my fist trying to pull myself together as the tears began to fall down my face I quickly wiped them away. I looked at my wrist that were handcuffed and chained to my ankles. Being abandoned by my mother and holding on to Lincoln kept playing over in my head and it only angered me. To see my twin hurt from Jerusalem and killed by a Guardian, my mind was made up on what I wanted to do. The doors opened and brought forth light and loud talking from the world.

Jerusalem and New York entered the room with other high profile members of the GCP. Lights from above emitted the place and I saw that I was boxed in a rectangular room with reflective windows all around. I looked up at the long LED lights that overpowered the lightbulb that was attached to a string. I knew I was being watched by a large sum of people. I watched as they pulled their respective chairs from the black steel table and sat down.

Jerusalem leaned forward and looked into my eyes. “We don’t have you on file. We have all of your family except you, how you manage to be under our radar is beyond me until a few hours ago.”

I ignored his stare and looked at the rest of GCP members “How did you find us? How did you know about me and why did you come for me?” I searched their faces as they studied me.

“You’re special,” New York reached over and touched my wrist. “We would’ve never heard of you and your exact location if it wasn’t for Gabriel. He received word from the North Creator.”

I pulled my hand back remembering who she was. “God is absent, he isn’t here and doesn’t know what’s going on here.”

A bright light appeared at the corner of the room and Gabriel came forth. He wasn’t wearing his armor and didn’t have any wings. Instead he wore a white cloak. He made a white chair appeared and he sat down focusing on me.

“Child of the most High, your Creator isn’t absent.”

“How do you know?” I searched all their faces for an answer. “This world is a ticking bomb and gods are entering here with people dying and suffering. How can the North Creator be alive or absent if this is happening!”

“No one knows the North Creator’s timing but we have faith that everything is meant to happen. That he controls everything, that he hears the cry of the broken. There’s a war happening bigger than this. The North Creator came back to Heaven and told me to get you. No matter how much you turn away from him, no matter what you do to resist. God has his hand over you and will pull you to your destiny. You’re the answer to saving this universe and the ones after you. But it starts with you, it’s why you didn’t die, why you heard voices since you were born. It wasn’t Ominous who was talking to you but your Heavenly Father.”

Shaking my head not wanting to hear what Gabriel had to say. “I don’t want anything to do with the GCP, the gods, or saving this world. I just want to be left alone so let me be.”

“When you’re born into darkness where it’s lonely and cold you become immune to it and your body adapts to the darkness blinding you.” Gabriel’s scarlet red eyes looked around the room and everything became bright white. “But when you’re in front of the light, where it’s warm and innocent you become frightened because of the warmth and you can’t distinguish what it is because you’re blind, you can’t see the light when it’s in front of you. The light was made to reveal to you what’s needed of you. To wash away what’s blinded you and tie you down. I represent that light, the father has called me to pull you from the grips of your enemy.”

I set my attention on Jerusalem and anger grew over me remembering what he did. “The GCP is the enemy. They’ve killed and hunted my family for generations.”

“Before the great invasion that has called the Heavenly Host to go to War. We knew Earth would be in great danger. When the Heavens got attack we responded leaving home and with our presence gone we knew the South Universe that was filled with gods would return back to the North because of their leader, Genesis.”

“I heard of that name whose Genesis?” I could see the seriousness in their eyes.

“Genesis is the first god that was created by the South Creator. Once the South Creator fell from the North Creator Genesis became a Creator and sought revenge. The Heavenly Father defeated Genesis and placed it’s soul into one of his kids and buried its body somewhere in the cosmos. The gods feared our Creator and never made a move until this great evil happened and invaded Heaven. It caught our father’s attention and so we went to war. Before doing so we talked with our father and he decided on creating a race called ‘Guardians’. They would take the place of the angels and protect Humanity from the gods that came to destroy you all. I was left to control and oversee this universe, the North Universe. We migrated the spirits that lived in Heaven and Hell placed them in the Afterworld until the father returns.”

“It still doesn’t justify the GCP.” I set my eyes on Jerusalem. “You people went out and sought us and kill us. Kill women and children, my cousins, my family.”

“The family you were set to abandon.” Jerusalem turned his head to the side trying to justify his actions.

Gabriel raised his hand “Enough Abraham,” He looked at Jerusalem which I guess was his real name, “You’re a pure being don’t be consumed with evil, pride and ambition let me talk.”

Jerusalem looked away from Gabriel and myself and looked down. “Right, excuse me for speaking out.”

Gabriel turned to Jerusalem “No need to apologize just be mindful.” He turned his focus to me. “Jerusalem’s name is Abraham. He’s the first supreme leader of the entire GCP. The GCP stands for God’s Chosen People. God is the beginning and the end, he’s all knowing. Before the invasion, before the arrival of the gods, he knew the outcome. The Heavenly Father created The GCP with Archangel Michael and myself and chose every member before handling the present issue. We knew the battle outside this world couldn’t just be handled by the Guardians so that’s when we created The GCP. A secret international organization where selected humans chosen by God would work with the Guardians and protect the most powerful items in the four universes. The GCP would protect these items and humanity against any forces that’s not from the North. That it was why Abraham did what he did. He said he would obey God’s command and assure humanity’s survival while he’s handling other issues. He was chosen and born to be a supreme leader. You weren’t called to be a Protector, a captain, leader, nor a supreme leader. Our Father has stopped what he did to save you. He stopped Ominous plans and saved your life at the exact time and knew of your location. Your family wants to work with the gods and go to war with this great evil. But your family and every member of the GCP that betrayed God’s calling had their personal gain and ambition and were fed lies.”

“I heard enough,” Getting up I realized I was stilled chained. “Just let me go.”

Gabriel looked at my chains and they disappeared. “With all the power given to me, to control you and every human, to see and know your thoughts, to kill a thousand gods, command the fire from the Heavens and oversee the Afterworld. I will abide by my Father’s command and allow humanity to have free will.” The bright lights dim down and I wasn’t able to see white anymore but the room I was in. He rose from his white chair and turned away from me. “I’m the angel of communication. I’ve talked to men from the beginning of time for my father to give direction and purpose. You have a choice to betray the Father or do his calling which will promise happiness in your life. You choose to deny your calling you will have no purpose, who knows what will happen to the child that betray Ominous, the second son of Genesis. But what I do know is Lincoln isn’t in the Afterworld in Peace. Our Father intended him to be home not under Ominous. Your choice.” His body shined and he was gone.

I watched the GCP members get up from their seats and leave except one, New York.

Tears began to immediately fall down my face. “What…” looking around the dark room as the thought of Lincoln being tortured came to mind. I knew he didn’t like the gods and wanted to be free from everything. “Where’s my brother!”

“Calm down,” New York walked over to me. “She crouched down as she sat me down. “You heard of me haven’t you. I’m New York leader of the GCP of America.”

“I don’t care.” I got up feeling the pain in my heart. “I want Lincoln.” More tears began to fall down my face as I faced the wall not trying to show her my weakness.

“I can get him that’s a promise but not without you.” She walked over to me.  “I can save Lincoln, I hunt that’s what I’m good at. I’ll hunt them all down and bring justice. But only if you’re willing to help.” She touched my shoulder and talked behind my ear. “My parents died by ex GCP Protectors, orders given by the gods. It was just me and my older brother left and I was about your age. My brother was called to be in the GCP and he died a year by the gods. Instead of being put into the system I stayed at the orphanage that was controlled by the GCP. It’s where all kids go who were called to be Chosen. I grew up not wanting to be adopted by any member of the GCP. I rose to the highest ranks and didn’t want to be a nurse or a communicator within the GCP, I fought Protectors in the GCP. They made me a protector instead of a nurse. Being a Protector of New York I became captain then Leader of the United States. I know your pain and I can make you have your revenge and have you save your brother.”

I turned around at those words. “I don’t need a family or friends, I don’t want to do rituals, I don’t want to be near Abraham!” Wiping the tears from my face I looked at her. “I just want to be with Lincoln and be happy.”

She held onto my hands. “You don’t ever have to worry about rituals.” She wiped my wet face with her hands. “I can’t be your mother but I can be your caretaker, be under me and I’ll make you better than I ever was. You’ll be stronger and faster than any member of the GCP you’ll be able to save your brother, you don’t have to join the GCP or do any rituals just follow your calling, being a man of God. As leader of The GCP in the U.S you don’t have to worry about Jerusalem or anyone just be under me and I’ll make you the strongest being.”

Shaking my head agreeing with her I saw her getting teary eyed and hugged. “Okay,”

“Do you trust me?”

Staying silent for a moment as she wrapped her arms around me. “I trust you.”

Uncovering my face to my psychiatrist in awe. She cleared her throat. “You’re under Elizabeth Proctor, if not the strongest then one of the strongest leaders in the GCP. She’s the first female GCP leader for America. How did you become the most sought out human to an addict?” She opened her notebook and looked at her notes. “She told me you got into heavy drugs. How does Gage Walker, the adolescent who hears God and who was trained by Archangel Michael  himself fall from grace.”

“You don’t have any idea what I have been through! I killed my parents because they tried to kill me. I did what I did because God wanted me to! I never had an option I was never loved just used by my parents and God. The only one who ever cared for me was Lincoln.” I looked down. “I revisited Death temple and could never find Lincoln or the gods who could get me to Planet Zayga where his soul could possibly be located. I was only able to kill every member of the Walker Family. I’m the last Walker.” I got up and looked down at her. “I fell from grace after I killed my parents for leaving me and became the first person to never get touched by any god. I don’t have to be in the GCP to have protection. I did what I needed to do and will kill anyone who steps up to me.”

Leaving the room Elizabeth got up from her seat and handed me my gloves and hat. “It’s cold out put these on.”

I grabbed my gloves and hat as we left one of the buildings that linked to the GCP headquarters. The hallway was clean and busy as usual with Guardians and members rushing to complete tasks and talk to other members around the world locating gods and rescuing protectors.

Elizabeth looked over at me as we headed out of the building. I looked ahead had the limo and our butler opened the door for us. “We just dropped off Lisa-anne. She was shy like expected, I told her, her big brother will protect her.”

I looked over at her as I tried to control my head movement and my eyes from the liquor. “Lisa won’t call me even if the house is on fire and she’s trapped. She always goes to Marie, I think she hates me.”

Elizabeth studied my mouth and I can tell she notices the scent of liquor in my breath. “Well their sisters it’s expected for them to be close. Marie isn’t so shy she’s actually pretty excited about it all. Freshmen year is exciting just have to be cautious and protect each other.”

“You know I will.”

Eliazabeth stepped in front of me. “Listen to me, I’m serious. I spent the last three years bringing you to missions and grooming you to protect Earth. I know we didn’t Lincoln but he’s-”

“It’s not about him stop mentioning that name.” I glared at her.

“Then what is it? I send you to a psychiatrist and you’re still on drugs and won’t open up. It’s okay to open up to me. I care for you and want you to know you have a family here.” She looked at the limo and followed her eyes were Marie was focused on her phone. “My first born is taking my role as a mother and watches over Lisa at only fifteen and it’s sad to know that truth but I accepted it because I’m dedicating my time into you. To make you better because you’re called for greatness. Are you going to accept what you do and who you are or be someone who quit and hide behind a bottle?”

I walked around Elizabeth and headed to the Limo. “You got nothing to worry. I’ll kill anyone who touches Marie and Lisa. I’m well aware that the gods hide in public and will be out to get us. I know what the stakes are, I’m just not like everyone else, I don’t lose.”

We get into the limo and and our driver drives us to Saint Dunken High school. I look out the window to old classmates and new people all laughing and excited for the first day of school.

Elizabeth puts on a smile. “This is it guys, remember to make lots of friends and enjoy yourselves.”

Chewing on her gum Marie looks up from her phone. “Mmhmm,” She gets out the limo. “Thanks for the ride and we’re good on not making friends.” She gives a fake smile to Elizabeth.

I know she doesn’t appreciate her mom for ignoring her and Lisa for me but only if she knew of the GCP and the title her mother held. How dangerous her life is, that being a mother and a GCP was impossible unless she retired but it was her calling.

Marie walks off and hugs her friends she planned on meeting before entering the school. I looked at Elizabeth. “Forgive me for being rude earlier and if Marie knew things would be different.”

“I know, you think I should apply to be a teacher that the highschool.” I could see the worry on her face. “Wish I had twins then I could watch em both. I think it was best for me to be a teacher at Lisa’s school she is the youngest but-”

I smiled, “Don’t worry about Marie she can handle her own. We’ve practiced fighting and the Proctor fighting gene didn’t skip her she’s really good. I think that’s why I’m closer to her than Lisa.”

Elizabeth had a worried look on her face. “Most Protectors don’t live long. I managed to live this long because I careful. I know the gods well, they’ll be looking for you. We killed most of the GCP members that’s been excommunicated. You’re most wanted and Marie is my first born, make sure you call me-”

“I said I got-”

“Make sure you call me.” I could see the tears coming from her eyes. “I care for you both. I don’t care if you got it. I need to protect you, you’re still kids.”

I hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek. “Thank you.” I got out the limo and headed out. I immediately sensed the energy of multiple gods around the school and I turned to my mother who waved goodbye as the limo drove off. 

As much I wanted to be away from God and away from the GCP there was one thing I couldn’t escape from and that was my sixth sense given to me by God according to Gabriel. I could be blind and know exactly how far away a god was. I formed goosebumps at the amount of gods I sensed. I reached into my pocket to find that my phone was dead.

“I’ll kill you all.” I whispered to the gods, knowing they could hear and see me from afar.

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