The GCP: Genesis chapter 1-Gage

Chapter 1


They say when it rains it’s when the Creator cries. I believe we were both crying for the same reason. Today I was being sacrificed to Ominous. This was what our family did in secret for generations. Two people would be present at the altar; one would die as an offering and the other would gain the power of a Zaygian god. My father worshipped Ominous, the god of death and who is also King of Planet Zayga in another universe.

Wiping the tears that continued to keep my face wet I looked down at the shiny black shoes of my twin brother who was only fifteen minutes older than me. Lincoln being nine years old  fought people triple his size and won every battle. He was wiser than anyone I’ve ever known. But what was called for today he had no answer for, he couldn’t find any sense for the call of my death. I couldn’t hate my parents for choosing me to be sacrificed and not my brother. I couldn’t look at my brother any different, I loved him and looked up to him. He was better than me at everything and I think that’s why my parents chose him to live.

Being inside Death’s Temple I could hear the rain slap against the window screaming for my escape and the thunder crying out for me. Looking out the window as the raindrops hit against the window I held on to my own hands as my brother sat in the kitchen floor and stared at the black and white tiled floor. Outside the kitchen lied two beds at the altar as our family waited for us.

For what profits a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own soul.” Lincoln slowly looked up at me as he chipped his nails.

At those words I didn’t know what to say. Our mother opened the door and I can see she just finished crying. Straightening her sleeveless  black dress with her hands she looked at us both. “It’s time.”

Seeing my mother and she was so close to Lincoln but the opposite with me I guess she knew one day this event would come to pass. “Mommy I don’t want to die.”

“Don’t say that,” Walking over to me she got on one knee and fixed my black tie and straighten my black suit. “I want you to be strong when you go out there. Your going to lie in that bed this will-” Closing her eyes trying to stop the tears she took a moment and turned her focus elsewhere. “Go out there lay on the bed and keep your eyes closed okay, do that for mommy.”

Wanting her to look into my eyes I gripped her hands as more tears began to fall down my face. “Please,” glancing back at my brother who was dead inside I turned back to my mother. “We don’t have to do this. Lincoln doesn’t want to do this.”

“What’s going on here?” My father leader of the Walker family barged in and looked at our faces with one ebony dagger in one hand. “Ominous is here and waiting for us. Wipe your tears and do not embarrass me.”

“They want to reschedule the ritual.” My mother looked back at my father. “Adam, right now…” she got up and walked over to dad and looked him in his eyes. “Their twelve years old, their too young. You know this happens when their of proper age, a fifteen year old was the youngest walker.”

“No, we’re not discussing this Ominous is here we’re not wasting his time.” My father pointed at Lincoln. “Our son can do things that no human can do! He’s what the prophecy talks about. He’s the savior of this world and we’re going to do this today now let’s go.”

Turning around I watched my father’s back leave to enter the sanctuary. Having no choice but to do what I was meant to do, I wiped my tears as my mother followed after my dad.

Following my parents a hand from behind held on to my wrist. I looked back to Lincon who continued to walk. “Don’t worry I’ll always protect you.” Releasing his grip he walked beside me and looked straight ahead.

Walking past those doors into the altar I watched the faces of all my relatives from different parts of the world come to visit this important sacrifice. Everyone wore black and stood up as he walked to our beds. I looked at the sacrificial bed that had white silk sheets. Closing my eyes for a moment as everyone began to clap for my bravery I sensed a different presence.  I opened my eyes and looked at the far end of the altar to see the god of death himself, Ominous. He wore a fur coat but no shirt. His long black hair was wet and his red eyes shone as he looked at Lincoln and myself. Laying in the sacrificial bed that was close to Ominous I looked up at the wooden ceiling.

The clapping stopped and I could hear everyone taking their seats. I knew by hearing my father’s steps he stood between Lincoln and myself.

“I Adam Walker leader of the Walker Family bring you all here today for a cause. I want to thank you my family, a family that spreads across this world that work to collect every holy item. I come today to perform a ritual that my ancestors have done for the peace of humanity and to prepare for the great evil.” He stopped for a moment then continued talking. “We’re doing a deed that’s looked down upon but needed. In our death and sacrifice Ominous will rise us and prepare us to wage war that’ll come to Earth. We will save Earth we will save the North and South Creator we will save what the GCP can’t see!”

An uproar of cheers came from all my cousins that sat in their seats.

“Yes my brother and sisters” My father walked over to me and looked down with his dagger in his hand. “My son Gage Walker will be at the forefront. He’ll rise from the dead and wage war to defeat this great evil.” He looked into my eyes. “It doesn’t end here. You’ll live forever that I can guarantee and that’s my promise to you my son. I’ll meet you there.” Holding on to my hands he aimed his dagger down at my heart. “Lincoln will-”

“Die, Lincoln will die not that boy.” I looked over to the voice that came from my left. “Gage is the one I want as my apprentice. The universe is crying out for that boy.” Ominous rose from his throne. “He’s the one that will inherit my power.”

The shock on my father’s face was visible. “My Lord, my son he’s… ,” Adam pointed to Lincoln. “The one you’ll need. Lincoln is the better fighter and smarter.”

“Don’t talk back human, you do as I say and complete this ritual now.” His eyes shone red as he looked at me. “Your fate is in my hands now.”

“No not my brother.” I got up from my bed as Lincoln followed in my actions rising from his bed as well.

I watched as my father turned his back to me and marched to Lincoln gripping tight to his dagger and I could see for the first time fear in Lincoln’s face. “Lay back down my son.”

“No one is touching Lincoln!” Clenching my face I glared at my father who looked back at me in embarrassment. “I don’t care what you do to me don’t touch Lincoln please!”

A loud explosion came from outside. Everyone’s head turned towards the exit then immediately towards the ceiling as the sound of loud trumpets could be heard.

“The GCP is here they must’ve known all along about today.” My father turned to Ominous. “We must do this now have your gods protect the front.”

The building began to shake and a beam of light shot through the roof into the aisles of the temple revealing a male figure on one knee.

Slowly rising he revealed his face that was pale white. His hair was silver like his armor that was thin. His fiery red eyes had a hint of gold and his presence was scary. This man’s body projected a light that resembled a force field. Everyone who sat before the altar quickly got on their knees in fear. I watched as this man levitated into the air and a bright light appeared revealing his white wings that touched the ends of the wall.

Ominous walked forth with confidence on his face. “Angel Gabriel a surprise to see you at my temple. You here to bend the knee?”

“You!” Gabriel’s voice projected the voices of a thousand angry men. He pointed at Ominous as his eyes shined bright red. “You have no legal right here. This is the footstool of my father which you disgraced!”

“These people. These humans you fight for. They’ve come to me, they gave me passage to your home.” Ominous raised both his arms. “I’m not going anywhere. Your God, your creator, your heavenly father is absent, dead and can’t help humanity. I’m here to save it.”

The exit door opened to GCP members who barged inside. With the doors wide open I could see a large battle between the GCP and the gods happening as the sounds of explosions and screams could be heard and seen.

Pulling me back my father held tightly to my arm and stood in front of me and looked at his family who crouched in fear. “Kill them all!”

A women in a one piece armor that sparkled white and had gold linings going down from her neck to her ankle looked at my father. “GCP fight and get me Gage!” She turned and pulled out her gun from her shoulder holster and shot one of my cousins in the head and quickly wiped the blood from her face.

Gabriel and Ominous clashed fists causing a force of power to explode within the temple causing everyone and myself to fall on their back. Opening my eyes everything was blurry, The rows of chairs were everywhere. The walls to the temple fell down and members if the GCP flooded inside and began killing any and everyone. The sound of screams were distant for a moment until I focused on my father.

He got up from the impact and whipped his head back to me. “Get out of here the both of you!”

Pushing me towards Lincoln I ran and grabbed a hold of my twin’s hands. 

“We’re leaving all of this behind.” Lincoln said with reassurance. “Let’s go.”

With a gun shot firing off chaos erupted and all out brawl commenced.

Following Lincoln’s lead we ran into the kitchen and locked the door behind us.

“We gotta save mom,” hearing the screams and the blast coming from the gods I took a step forward the door. “She needs our help.”

“No, everyone in there are good as dead. Gabriel and Ominous are battling. Everyone else are just casualties.” Placing a black ring into my hand I knew what was expected. “Put on the ring we’re going to fight our way to safety. No secret hideouts, no family, no gods, it’s just us.”

Placing the holy item onto my ring finger my senses were enhanced by a million and my brain function was fully operative. Clenching my fist I felt stronger as well.

“We were only allowed to use this when things were bad.” Walking close to Lincoln I read his eyes and knew what to expect.

“We kill any and everyone,” Placing on his ring he had the power of an enhanced human.“We aren’t walkers, the GCP, gods, demi-gods, just Lincoln and Gage who’ll survive.” Lincoln grabbed the back of my head and our foreheads touched. “I’ll protect you just follow my lead. There’s more out there we just have to fight and fly away no looking back.”

“Okay brother,” squeezing his hand I looked ahead at the end of kitchen where the exit door opened to a GCP member.

He was covered in blood and held on to his gun that was unfamiliar to me. His gun wasn’t man made which meant it’s made to kill any god or angel.

“My name is Jerusalem supreme leader of the GCP. I’ve come for Gage Walker” He wore all white, from his knee high boots and his latex armor to his cloak that shined.

Anger formed on Lincoln’s face. “You’re taking no prisoners.” Reaching into his vest he pulled out a blade and got into position.

Creating distance between Lincoln and myself I removed my jacket, tux, and unbutton my shirt and got into my fighting stance. I had no weapon but taking a life with my bare hands wasn’t anything new to me but this fight was different. I wasn’t fighting no ordinary man. GCP Protectors are known  to be elites, especially leaders. We were facing the strongest of them all. A man chosen by the biblical God to protect humanity from anything and anyone. Having cold feet I glanced over at Lincoln who had his eyes set on the prey. 

Seeing him dash forward the black and white tiles beneath his feet broke into millions of pieces as the dirt off the ground rose. Lincoln threw the first punch to Jerusalem. Which was blocked causing a wave of air. Running towards the action Lincoln threw his blade to me. Jerusalem sensed me coming and threw a kick. Seeing him execute a kick I increased my pace and began running at the speed of light slowing down time. Grabbing the blade I dodge his kick and stabbed the side of his knee. Time resumed.

Jerusalem focused on his knee. Lincoln swirled on one knee and elbowed Jerusalem’s sternum then flipped him over his shoulder having Jerusalem in a sitting position. I followed up planting the dagger into his collar bone only for it to break. His eyes shined and he extended his arms and a wave of energy pushed us away across the room. 

Getting up I watched as his wound healed instantly. Jerusalem studied us as he got up and removed his cloak. “We live in a time where our Heavenly Father is absent. We men are assigned to do his will. I’m no religious man, but a spiritual one. Those not of jehovah have corrupted humanity and as God Chosen People I won’t stand for it and by God I will not fail. His eyes shone again and the room shone and multiple beings whose skin shone and eyes were all blue that also shined. They weren’t human but looked like us. They levitated in the air but had no wings but a powerful presence.

Jerusalem looked to his left and right. “Before your very eyes you’re looking at God’s last creation. ‘Guardians’, supernatural beings made when most of the angels were killed. They’re here to assist the GCP by any means. You’ve mistaken me for a saint. I will kill you to fulfill the purpose given to me,” He pointed his finger to the ceiling. “By God.” He dashed over to Lincoln  and striked his jaw causing my brother to fly through the building wall to where the battle was taking place outside. A large bright emitting from Jerusalem hit me causing myself to also fly out Death’s Temple.

Having my face on the cold mud I rose up looking at the carnage that was happening before my very eyes. Looking around as every Walker were fighting for their lives against the GCP and from The Guardians. I got up as the wind blew hard, the thunder screamed out in anger, and the rain attacked my eyes causing me to to barely see. I quickly got up as protectors of the GCP came running my way. Seeing one pulled out his pistol and aim for my head Lincoln appeared in thin air and sliced his throat.

Heart beating as more protectors came towards us the thought of my parents was in the back of my head as I charged forward in support of my twin. A bright light appeared in front of Lincoln and a Guardian appeared with his hand out. The sound of a high beam filled the air. 

“No!” Waving my arm and running as the mud slowed movement I watched as Lincoln paused for the first time.“Lincoln, move!” 

Shooting out a blast of blue light to Lincoln’s chest, his body flew back crashing into me. “No no no,” I said to myself as my tears and the rain fell down my face. Checking his body which was lifeless I stared down at the large hole in his chest.

Holding him close as the war raged I wrapped my arms around him protecting his body from any blast that could interrupt the healing process.

The same Guardian appeared in front of me with his hand extending to my face and I could hear the sound of the high beam again. Holding my brother close as he lay dead in my arms I closed my eyes and looked down. A familiar presence was evil surrounded me. I looked up to Ominous who smiled. He grabbed the head of the Guardian and I watched an aura of red light flowed through them and the Guardian exploded to dust. Ominous looked ahead and every GCP protector stopped running in fear.

My mother came from behind and crouched beside me. “It’s okay baby.”

Wiping the tears from my face I watched as she removed the ring from Lincoln’s finger, His body stopped shinning and the healing stopped.

“What are you doing!”

Grabbing hold of my face, my mother looked into my eyes. “This was supposed to happen. This is the sac-”

“No!” Pushing my mother on her back I released Lincoln and jumped on top of my mother for the ring. “Give it to me!”

Ominous looked down at Lincoln’s body and it disappeared. “I’ll give him life. Follow me child.” He extended his hand to me. “We leave now!”

My mother pushed me off of her and ran off into battle placing the ring on her finger. Looking up at Ominous I reached for his hand the sound of a trumpet wrung off from the sky. Gabriel appeared again with a handle of a sword. There was no steel or metal. “Ominous your reign ends here!” Gabriel looked up responding to the sound. “My father speaks!” 

The handle of the sword shot out white fire. He aimed it down at Ominous and the sky opened up holes as white fire scorched downed and began setting and ablaze upon every Walker and god. 

Fear setting on Ominous face as he turned to me. Gabriel teleported behind ominous and launched his sword through the heart of ominous. I watched as the god of death’s body turned into a ruby statue.

New York appeared to my side and she gave a reassuring smile. “We have to go trust me.”

More angels appeared from the sky and began to shoot down into the ground like a barrage of bullets.

“I can’t go I need my brother!”

“You are God’s hands and feet in the Earth, you are an agent of change and deliverance in the Earth. The GCP- God’s Chosen People.” She held firmly to my hands. “You’re alive because God has plans for you. Your brother can’t go where God is taking you.”

Everything shined and I was gone.

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