School is back

School is back in session which means I’m going to get busier. I’m majoring in Communication so there’s a lot going there. My professor in my western history class told me to not make the same mistake he did and to search for jobs as if we graduated from college already. So I did and I can’t believe how hard it is. Every job regarding to writing requires 2-5 years of experience. So now I’m thinking internship because it’s hard out there and he told me “A degree is nothing but a piece of paper.” And I believe it now, but don’t get me wrong college is still important because it’s a requirement for majority of precessional jobs out there.

Now regards towards The GCP. My story is at 67,000 words with the new edits and revisions it should be at 70,000. This is kinda low for fantasy but my novel is also Young Adult. I don’t what the agents will say but I did everything possible to extend my word count without boring the story and putting unnecessary scenes that won’t move the plot forward.

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