Writer’s Digest Conference 2016

So I attended the first day at WDC. Now what can I say… Well I loved it. Everyone was welcoming and really nice. I was given a badge and a bag which I wasn’t expecting. Inside the bag were notebooks which I used to take down important notes. One thing that caught me off guard was how cold it was inside. Now that I experience the temperature inside the hotel I will be wearing long sleeve shirts. I’ve made some new friends during the Orientation 101 session. Networking wasn’t an issue with me. Although, I’m contemplating on whether I should get these business cards. It’s obvious it’s a must but the business cards I want looks amazing and the business cards that usually takes an hour or two at Office Depot are ordinary and won’t stand out. And me being from Jersey it’s hard finding a Office Depot in New York when the sessions in WDC are running almost all day. I know you probably think I complain a lot but I just want to share with any Writer’s out there that it’s normal to struggle and it’s expected. The writing industry isn’t all perfect and easy as you think. It’s currently 6:01 am and I gotta get ready to catch the train to WDC. So don’t think your alone in deciding what’s best for you because I’m also struggling with finishing my manuscript, probably getting business cards, possibly deciding what Agents to query, deciding to quit my job and take the risk of interning at a agency or publishing house. I don’t have much time but I’ll show you what I wanted my business card to look like because it stood out but it would take forever to produce which would be a waste of money. Until then I wish you all the best and Happy Friday!


I took some pictures hopefully you enjoy.

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