The Last Hope

Okay so here’s a thing you didn’t know about me, I’m a writer. No surprise there I know. But to be more specific I’m a future novelist. I was planning to make a brand new series after The GCP (book I’m editing atm) but in the publishing world you need credentials. So I decided that if I was going to give The GCP a chance to being published I have to sacrifice one of my stories and put it out there on Wattpad so I could gain a loyal support base. So before I go any further I think I should tell what The Last Hope is. The Last Hope is based on a world where Humans are slaves to Vampires and a decaying species to the infected. Humans are a vital importance to The infected (smart zombies) and the Vampires. No you won’t be expecting human-vampire love and no you won’t be expecting werewolves. I decided to mix it up. The infected aren’t dead brain zombies. There  former humans who turned. And now they work together to hunt humans down. I should be uploading the first or two chapters on Wattpad. I love the story and I think you will but give it a shot and read it. You can find me on Wattpad at frantzlife and feel free to follow me. 

Now back to editing The GCP!!! (The greatest novel I’ve created)

P.S a better description of the story is on Wattpad

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