The GCP: Genesis chapter 1-Gage

Chapter 1 Gage They say when it rains it’s when the Creator cries. I believe we were both crying for the same reason. Today I was being sacrificed to Ominous. This was what our family did in secret for generations. […]

Wisdom thought

Just because you’re nice doesn’t mean you should open up to everyone.Just because you’re a leader or a teacher doesn’t mean you should lead everyone or teach everyone.Just because you got a lot of money doesn’t mean you give it […]

Moving to YouTube!!!

Hey Family, so like I said in the previous post I’m working on a lot things. I would love to share the videos I been working on and decided to move to YouTube where I’ll be vloging, updates on my […]

You’re Worthy

I wanted to take the time talk to someone. It’s been awhile since I posted because I’ve been growing spiritually and working on books and speaking to people. But know you’re worthy. Don’t make temporary decisions that’ll result in permanent […]

Working behind the scenes

Been awhile since I posted. Working with a talented artist who paints. She’s going to work on the book cover for The GCP. I do plan on speaking in schools and uplifting the youth and many people so stay tune […]

Wisdom post 1

When you’re awake your eyes are open and you see how many people are actually sleeping. But when your sleeping nothing in the world matters. I’m talking about the spiritual not the physical. Break it down Frantz: when your living […]

Black Christian Influencer

Download the app BCI where there influencers in every career path making a difference in this world. I’m proud to be mentioned in this app!

The Bargain Poem

Try to help me understand what I lost Tell me what bargain I made to get this deep. What was it that I lost? Try to help me understand what I lost Was it love? No it couldn’t have Nah […]

What my Debut Novel is about!! The GCP

In a time where God is absent and Heaven is vacant of every soul and Angel. Outside forces invade Earth and the GCP meaning God’s chosen People is the last hope for Earth’s survival. The GCP is a secret international […]

Moving Forward

Since I have a contract with a publisher I’m currently just doing one last read of “The GCP: The First Resurrection”. This novel is going to be like no other I promise. I originally started this story in 2012 and […]

Self Love PSA

focus on self love, the present, and your purpose! Follow me on Instagram @frantzwrite and on Facebook. Check out my Instagram and Facebook page for the video.

Big news on my manuscript!

As promised I got good news to tell you all. I just got an email on my acceptance to my manuscript. It’s been such a journey, I stared in 2012 with this book and finally finished on the 20th of […]

Last Hope Chapter 3- Ava

When you’re infected you don’t remember the first person you ate. It’s like being born you don’t remember coming out of the womb or your mother’s cry of joy. But I do, I remember the day I turned.  News about […]

Big news and what I’m up to.

My debut novel “The GCP: The first Resurrection” is set to be published very soon! I talked with a couple people and linked with an agency and publishing house. I’m currently writing the prequel which is called The GCP: Genesis. […]

What was made Sunday night

These were the dishes made Sunday night that I made for my grandmother’s birthday. I’ll be posting more videos on culinary and how-to. I hope you enjoy these clips.

How I spend my Sunday night

So I working on chapter 3 of The GCP Genesis and I’m also cooking for my grandma birthday party. If you look close to the picture you’ll see a sneak peak of he beginning of the upcoming chapter. But one […]

Last Hope chapter 2-Noah

I couldn’t tell how long I was out for or what exactly happened after. A ringing sound was the only thing encompassing my senses. The steel door was lifted off my chest, allowing my lungs to expand. My vision was […]

Quit Red Lobster

Okay so where do I start? Recently quit my job at Red Lobster. I started out there serving for a week then hosted and was a busier by choice. I loved the idea of leading and when the opportunity came […]

The GCP: Genesis Chapter 2- Gage

Chapter 2 Gage “That was three years ago. It feels like 3 days.” My psychiatrist who wore a blue dress shirt tucked into her black skirt watched my facial expression. “How do you feel now?” “Beyond upset, angry. I’m livid.” […]

The Last Hope Trailer

So this is the Last Hope trailer. I’ve been delayed in continuing this story but I will continue it. Mean time if you haven’t read the prequel to The GCP prequel please give it a read before the debut novel […]

Love not so simple

Not sure where I stand in love but it’s questionable. I found a companion who was a better part of me. Someone who was my right hand and my heart but somewhere in the quest to find that perfect love […]

Chapter 1- Noah (last Hope)

“Wake up, wake up, wake up,” The voice rang in my sleep. Don yanked my covers off me. “Code red they’re at the gates! Get the kids, head to the basement, and wait for further instructions!” He slapped his shotgun […]

Frantz Charles

Frantz Petit Charles was born in Whiteplains, New York on the third of January in 1996, the second son of Celiter and Marie-Lourdes Charles. Born into a family of six consisting of three boys, including himself and three girls. Frantz […]

I’m sick… and working

So I’ve been up for the past 24 hours+ working on redesigning this website. I plan to work on a prequel to The GCP series and post all my chapters here. So I’ve been plotting on two stories, binging watching […]

Chapter 4 of Last Hope

So I’m actually proud of myself. In the past I wasn’t able to commit to making a strong presence online. After some years I did and I just finished ch.4 of Last hope. I post every Monday/Tuesday.

Last Hope revised

Finish editing my debut novel The GCP. Now I have time for social media which means I’m back with more uploads. I just finished with the first three chapters of Last Hope I hope you all like it!

What to write

After finishing the GCP manuscript my brain is tired. Where do I go from here? I know I have to build a platform and it’s hard for me to not do anything. I have to be active and productive. Any […]

New Year

Happy new year everyone it’s a new year and I wanted to start fresh. Seems like I put a lot of my energy to work and writing my manuscript but it’s different now. Now, I told myself that I would […]


Ok so I’m back. I can tell you a lot has happened. So right now I’m in my spring semester at William Paterson University. I don’t know if you know but I transferred to out of Union county college. My […]


Okay so where have I been for the past months. I’ve been working full time at my job, no that’s an understatement. I’ve been working overtime at my job. I now go to William Paterson University so I’m working hard […]

Semester over!!!

Hello everyone  with the semester being over means more time on writing. Now I’ve been working hard trying to juggle school work and doing my passion. I was at UCC and worked super hard so I can transfer to a […]

Story on Wattpad 

So I’m going to make this short. I’ve been thinking of ways how to write the Last Hope and it just seem impossible to write for some reason when I already envisioned it. Maybe I have to change my point […]

Late Nights and Early mornings

So now that I am awake my mind is reminding me of the things that need to be done. I went to sleep late last night enjoying texting my friend around 1 or 2 am and didn’t realize I went […]

It’s been awhile for me

I finally finished MY final editing to my novel to come to The GCP. I don’t what to really to do. I have a few options left. This is only temporary. I wanna show the world my work or a […]

School is back

School is back in session which means I’m going to get busier. I’m majoring in Communication so there’s a lot going there. My professor in my western history class told me to not make the same mistake he did and […]

Update on what’s going on

So…right now I’m lying in bed when I should be going out for my work out. School is about to start and I don’t hate it because it’s college but it’s annoying because I have to be reminded of the […]

Writer’s Digest Conference 2016

So I attended the first day at WDC. Now what can I say… Well I loved it. Everyone was welcoming and really nice. I was given a badge and a bag which I wasn’t expecting. Inside the bag were notebooks […]

What’s going on?!

So right now I’m working editing the manuscript which I should wake up earlier since I barely have time. I was planning on editing it last night like I planned but I fell asleep with my work clothes on. Woke […]

The Last Hope

Okay so here’s a thing you didn’t know about me, I’m a writer. No surprise there I know. But to be more specific I’m a future novelist. I was planning to make a brand new series after The GCP (book […]

Lots of things Considering

I don’t know whether if I should start a new blog. I don’t know if I should even continue. I don’t know if putting my stories on Wattpad is the way to go or saving them for publication. I don’t […]